Madden Mondays: Be a Better Mobile QB With the Triple Option

Learn how to run Cam Newton's triple option in Madden 13 with video from one of the creators of the Madden 13 Prima guide.

Cam Blue

Playing Madden online means you need to be ready for anything your opponent throws at you. If you don't have a gameplan, you'll probably get mashed up pretty badly. Learn how to deploy all the weapons in your playbook this year, and be a tougher opponent during ranked games, with tips from the best gamers.

One new play inĀ Madden 13 is the triple option, which you can find in Cam Newton's Carolina Panthers playbook. After his record-breaking rookie season, Newton has turned the Panthers into a hot team online. Even if you don't run this play, you'll need to know how it works, because you'll definitely have to defend it this season.

With custom playbooks, any team can run the triple option as long as you have a QB and RBs who can pull it off. It can be tricky to time it up properly, so take a look at this video from EA Gamechanger ZFarls (@MaddenBible on Twitter) to learn the basics of the play and how you can use it to run the ball right at the heart of the defense. ZFarls is a contributor to the official Prima Madden 13 strategy guide, so he knows his stuff.

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Source: EA Sports

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