Why You Should Train With a Tire Prowler (And How to Make Your Own)

STACK Expert Nick Tumminello lays out the benefits of training with a Tire Prowler and shows you how to build and use your own.

Tire Prowler

It's no secret that Prowler Sled Training is an effective way to build bigger and stronger legs. And it's one of the best ways to improve conditioning.

We're certainly no exception at Performance U—it's one of our favorite training tools. However, not everyone has a Prowler, which can be expensive and difficult to store.

But the value of this type of training is too great to ignore. So, I'm going to show you a fast, cheap and easy way to make your own Prowler Sled with an old tire.

Making a Tire Prowler

Supplies: large tire, length of chain, straps or length of rope, and handles from any cable machine.


  • Wrap the chain around the tire.
  • Attach the chain together with straps or a rope.
  • Connect the cable handles to the straps or rope (or simply hold the rope if you're using a light enough weight).

Watch the video below to see how to assemble a Tire Prowler.

Benefits of Using a Tire Prowler

The Tire Prowler conveys the same benefits as a traditional Prowler Sled, but it also has a few advantages:

  • You can stand in a position that's best suited for your size and build rather than having to alter your position or adjust the Prowler's handle height. For example, a tall athlete will have to bend over more than a shorter person to hold the handles, which may cause the taller athlete to round his or her back.
  • The handles are unstable, forcing your upper body and core muscles to engage to keep your arms steady. This is especially beneficial for football players and MMA fighters, because they have to control their opponents when blocking, pushing and grappling.
  • When using a traditional Prowler Sled, there's a tendency to use the poles or handles for support as you fatigue. You can't do this with the Tire Prowler, so you are forced to stay tight and strong throughout the exercise.
  • It requires more muscular control to keep your body from swaying from side to side—which is common when first trying this exercise. Also, you must resist rotation to keep your arms straight in front.
  • It's extremely durable and can be kept outside, unlike a traditional Prowler, which will eventually rust.

Using the Tire Prowler

Athletes of different strength levels won't be able to use the same tire. And, you don't want to use the same tire for building both strength (heavy) and conditioning (light). So, it's a good idea to have a few different tire sizes on hand.

However, it is possible to lighten the load of a tire by shortening the rope connection, which reduces the amount of friction between the tire and the ground.

I explain and demonstrate this concept in the video below.

To make quick adjustments, place knots at various points in the rope. You can quickly untie the knots to lengthen the rope and increase the challenge. The photo at the top of the article shows this, along with a unique way to incorporate ab straps into your Tire Prowler training.

Check out the videos below for sample exercises that you can perform with the Tire Prowler.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock