Man Dresses Like 90s Era Michael Jordan, Tries Way Too Hard at Pick-Up Basketball

He dresses like MJ. He plays tough D like MJ. Can he shoot? Who is this guy?

Stop me if you've witnessed this scenario before: A man strolls up to your local basketball court dressed like a sixth man on an NBA team, calls next, then plays like it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals and he's in a contract year. Nobody likes that guy. He sweats too much, calls phantom fouls and even hits you with the "that's 3 in the key, dawg!"

That guy is the worst.

So when video of this dude surfaced—a man apparently attempting to replicate every single piece of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls uniform from the mid-90s, including a calf sleeve, arm band and pair of Air Jordan XIs—you immediately knew what type of player he was. This clip confirms our thoughts. Michael Jordan Lite plays defense harder than anything he's ever done in his life. He even has the official NBA Finals patch on the shoulder of his jersey, which probably cost him hundreds of dollars.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see how many points this guy scored, or even if he possesses a decent jumper, but this apparently isn't the first time he has shown up at the courts looking exactly like Michael Jordan. He's even got the thin mustache to match MJ's. Whoever this man is, we can at least appreciate his dedication.

Michael Jordan Doppleganger

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock