Experience Life in the Marine Corps Through New Website

The revamped Marines.com offers a truly interactive experience designed to give you a deeper look than ever at the life of a Marine.

Marines LogoEver wondered whether a future in the Marine Corps might be right for you? The Marines' new website, Marines.com, makes finding out easier than ever. The site has recently been redesigned to provide an interactive experience, with new features, videos and tools that capture the entire Marine Corps experience, from basic training to the battlefield.

Here are a few of our favorite features:

Recruit Training
One of the coolest new areas of Marines.com is "Becoming a Marine," taking you through the incredibly demanding 12 weeks of Marine Corps basic training. Viewing the video content, you'll be able to imagine the experience of Boot Camp with a group of new recruits—from Receiving in Week 1 to the Marine Corps Martial Arts program in Week 5 to the 54-hour Crucible in Week 11.

Career Tools
Several site tools are available to help guide you toward a career that matches your talents. Are you more of a tank guy or an engineering whiz? Answer questions about yourself and find out. Then learn more about each career through first-hand accounts from real Marines in the field.

Personal Account
Have questions about life in the Marines? Hungry for more content? On the new Marines.com, you can create an account that allows you to submit questions, assemble video playlists and get notified as new content becomes available. The site also has improved social connectivity, so you can share information quickly and easily.

With 150 videos, 500 photos and 360-degree renderings of weapons and vehicles, the new Marines.com has enough good stuff to keep you busy for hours. The site is currently live, so you can check it out today.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock