WATCH: Let's All Remember Marshawn Lynch's 'Beast Quake' Run as the Seahawks' Wild-Card Game Marks its Five-Year Anniversary

Remember the Beast Quake? Watch Marshawn Lynch shake the stadium in this amazing run from the 2011 Wild Card playoffs.

5 Years Ago in a Wild Card Game, Marshawn Lynch Created 'Beast Quake'

How could we forget that only five years ago, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch scored on one of the best runs in NFL playoff history. "Beast Quake" happened in a 2011 Wild Card game against the New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately, reminiscing with a five-year old video is the only Marshawn Lynch football action we will be watching this weekend, as Lynch told the Seahawks he is not able to play in their Wild Card Game.

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The Seahawks were clear underdogs in the game five years ago, but that didn't stop Lynch. With his team leading by 4 points with three minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Quake erupted.

Lynch ran 67 yards, broke eight tackles, scored a touchdown and shook the west coast—literally. After the play, the fans at CenturyLink field were so loud and excited that the disturbance registered on the Richter Scale.

Although it seemed that "Beast Mode" was finally healthy and would be in the backfield for the Seahawks against the Vikings, we won't have a chance to watch history repeat itself. Let's all reminisce about the damage Lynch could do when he was both healthy and motivated.

Watch the Beast Quake run in the video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock