Marshawn Lynch Is Spending Retirement Dominating High Schoolers in Pass Blocking Drills

Retired NFL superstar Marshawn Lynch is helping high school football players improve their skills.

The 2016 NFL season will be without former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, and that in itself is a sad statement.  Lynch's brutal running style on the field, combined with his colorful personality off it, made the man they call "Beast Mode" one of the best things about the game of professional football.

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But just because Lynch has retired from the NFL doesn't mean he's done with the game. Oh no. Lynch may no longer be suiting up in pads and a helmet, but he's still putting his brute strength on display in other ways, like tossing very large high schoolers to the ground as if they weighed nothing at all.

In a video that appears to be from one of Lynch's football camps, presumably held in his hometown of Oakland, California, Lynch plays the running back charged with pass blocking as a very large high schooler attempts to rush the quarterback. As you might expect, Lynch goes full beast mode, stopping the kid in his tracks and eventually pummeling him to the ground. Lynch then does some strange celebration in which he flops around on the ground like a fish, which makes us all realize that he could suit up tomorrow and not miss a beat.

Marshawn Lynch forever.

Marshawn Lynch

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock