Special Report: Marvin the Martian Invades Vegas in Search of Blake Griffin and his Super.Fly 4s

Marvin the Martian is challenging NBA star Blake Griffin and his Jordan Brand Super.Fly 4s to an intergalactic dunk contest.

LAS VEGAS – During an AAU Tournament that was packed with spectacular high-flying stunts by some of the most talented young basketball players in the country, the most notable event was a landing of epic proportions. In what appears to be the first-ever documented encounter with an extraterrestrial, a spacecraft crash-landed outside Brooklyn Bowl off the Las Vegas Strip.

Marvin the Martian's spaceship at its crash-landing spot in Las Vegas, via @Jumpman23

Details about the vehicle, who piloted it, and what caused the crash are still emerging, but early reports indicate the wreck was caused by a creature calling himself Marvin the Martian. A note left at the scene of the crash and a video later discovered online suggest that Marvin the Martian's motivation was to capture the Super.Fly 4, the latest in Jordan Brand performance footwear designed to accommodate the power and speed of versatile players such as Blake Griffin..


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock