Meet Max Hooper, The D-I Basketball Player Who Only Shoots Three-Pointers. Seriously.

Watch video of Max Hooper, a very special 3-point specialist for Oakland University.

Meet Max Hooper, The D-1 Basketball Player Who Only Shoots Three-Pointers. Seriously.

I'm about to explain a highly advanced basketball concept. This is deep analytical stuff, and some people might find it too complex to comprehend. I'll move slowly, so just stay with me. Ready?

Ok, here we go:

Three-pointers are worth more than two-pointers.

Crazy, right?

OK, so it's not a revolutionary concept, but it does define the way Max Hooper plays basketball.

A redshirt junior at Oakland University, Hooper only shoots three-pointers. We're not exaggerating. Every single one of his field goal attempts this season has been a three-pointer.

Through the first 10 games of the season, Hooper has not attempted a single field goal inside the arc. That is certainly an insane statistic, but it's hard to criticize his strategy. He is currently averaging 12.3 points per game and shooting 43.2% from three-point land.

For those familiar with Hooper, this season might not come as much of a shock.

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The 6-foot-6, 200-pound guard has always built his game on outside shooting. Last season, just eight of his 167 field-goal attempts were two-point shots, and the season before that, only three of 65. He knows his strength—and his deadly long-range shooting could earn him looks from NBA scouts as a three-point specialist.

Here is Hooper knocking down an incredible 118 three-pointers in five minutes.

We'll keep a close eye on Hooper to see how long he can keep his unique streak alive.

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