Meet Morgan Johnson, the Former 'Nerd' Nobody Messes With Anymore

Kids used to say mean things about her. They shut their mouths when they saw her play.

Growing up in Muncy, a borough of about 2,500 people located off the Susquehanna River in north-central Pennsylvania, Morgan Johnson was a small girl in a small town who had big dreams.

Although she stands just 5-foot-3, Johnson had dreamed since sixth grade about earning a college scholarship for her ability in the pole vault. Today, the high school junior can sail cleanly over barriers nearly double her height, but when she first started working toward her goal, she had a hard time getting any respect. "I was 75 pounds soaking wet as a sixth grader," Johnson says. "In school I was picked on for being small and having glasses and braces. I also was very quiet."


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock