Try These Men's Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills

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Lacrosse Goalie

All levels of men's lacrosse—the fastest game on two feet—require amazing stick skills. Having the ability to use both your left and right hand while stickhandling adds versatility to your game. This skill separates the "good ones" from the "ones I need on my team."

The execution of any skill requires a sophisticated series of signals sent from the brain to the muscles. Your muscle fibers must be activated in the proper sequence to perform a skill with any proficiency. An increase in ability will occur if that specific skill, or an aspect of it, is practiced through disciplined repetitions. Skills are learned and rapidly forgotten. To improve a skill, you must actually practice it.

The following men's lacrosse wall ball drills can be performed as a warm-up before strength training, after a conditioning session as a finisher, or as a team competition (track who hits the target and makes successful throws and catches). Focus on a location on a wall and try to hit that spot consistently with the ball.

This workout is designed to improve your hand-eye coordinati0n as well as your stick skills. Concentrate on good mechanics. To enhance your game, complete at least five drills three times a week. Perform the drills for 15-20 minutes each session.

Men's Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills

  • Throw Right, Catch Right — 1x50
  • Throw Left, Catch Left — 1x50
  • Throw Right, Catch Left — 1x50
  • Throw Left, Catch Right — 1x50
  • Behind the Back, Right — 1x50
  • Behind the Back, Left — 1x50
  • Throw Right, Catch Off Stick High — 1x50
  • Throw Right, Catch Off Stick Hip — 1x50
  • Throw Left, Catch Off Stick High — 1x50
  • Throw Left, Catch Off Stick Hip — 1x50

Practice your lacrosse stick skills with a wall ball program regularly. Strengthen your muscles in the weight room, condition your cardiorespiratory and muscular systems, and practice game-specific skills to take your playing to a new level.

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