Achieve Your Goals With 5 Mental Skills Principles

Feel like your athletic goals are unattainable? Achieve your goals with these top five mental skills principles.

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Do you ever struggle with your goals and ambitions because you think they are unattainable?

Your short- and long-term goals in sports are well within your reach through applied sport psychology. This is the art of training your mind for sustained confidence and consistent performance with mental skills techniques. Athletes who prepare using these exercises experience consistently high level performance in their sport.

Through mental skills training, student-athletes under my supervision have won state championships, earned All-American honors and realized their professional aspirations in their chosen sport.

Here are some simple mental skills training concepts that have proven highly effective with my student-athletes. Adhere to these success principles and you will boost your mental edge for performance.

Mental Skills Training: Top Five Success Principles

Success Principle #1: Begin each day by revisiting your athletic mission in life. Connect your athletic mission deeply to your personal values and belief system.

Success Principle #2: Set short- and long-term goals that are both process- and outcome-oriented. You have complete control over process goals, since they deal with what is necessary for you to perform well. Outcome goals involve winning or performing better than someone else. Make both kinds of goals challenging but attainable; realize that your goals are related to how you feel and how you live your athletic life. You are a performer.

Success Principle #3: Develop mental preparation routines and mental imagery rituals that reinforce your ability to sustain high-level performance under pressure. Your mental preparation routine begins 24 hours before competition. Each part of the routine is designed to optimize your performance on race day or game day. Several professional athletes (such as Hope Solo) have achieved success through this.

Success Principle #4: Build sustained confidence by meeting and achieving your goals, revisiting past successful performances, and doing the work to improve your physical and psychological self.

Success Principle #5: Finish each day by reviewing your progress and holding yourself accountable. Did you adhere to your athletic mission? Were you the best you could be?

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