9 Elite Strength Coaches Reveal Their Tips for Building Better Mental Toughness

Get your mind right with the help of Ben Boudro and 8 other masters of high performance.

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Mental Toughness

Being a high-quality trainer takes toughness.

The best trainers can engage with any age group and fitness level and lead them through intense, sometimes grueling workouts—and keep them upbeat the entire time. Being high-energy isn't optional, it's required.

When those coaches get done leading workouts, they turn around and push themselves through something equally (if not more) challenging. And they do it every day.

Do you ever sit back and think: What in the heck goes on in these guys' heads? Where do they get so much motivation? What do they know that we don't?

In my own work at Xceleration Fitness in Auburn Hills, Michigan, I've seen that the best trainers have a seemingly bottomless well of enthusiasm. They come to every workout fired up to help people become better versions of themselves. And they focus on that mission for every minute of every session they lead.

While there's no one secret to success, there is a formula that you can learn from successful people. When things get tough, these people often have a personal mantra or belief they can fall back on. And without fail, it picks them up and gets them going.

Here are how nine different elite strength coaches reach an extreme level of mental toughness.

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