Miami Dolphins Surprisingly Rename Their Stadium 'New Miami Stadium'

The Miami Dolphins are running out of names for their stadium.


Miami Stadium

Since 2010, the Miami Dolphins have played in what we know as Sun Life Stadium (formerly Land Shark Stadium, formerly  Dolphin Stadium, formerly Pro Player Stadium, formerly Pro Player Park, formerly Joe Robbie Stadium). But due to an expiring naming rights contract, they recently had to change the stadium's name again. Currently the stadium is undergoing renovations, and while owner Stephen Ross waits for the biggest payday from a corporate sponsor. Meantime, the organization came up with a quantum leap idea—to name the venue New Miami Stadium.

According to Miami New Times, the Dolphins front office stated:

The stadium is undergoing a $400 million rejuvenation. The renovations include new aqua seating, new concession stands, and upgraded VIP boxes. The project was a result of the NFL bluntly signaling that Miami would not be home to any more Super Bowls unless major upgrades were made to the stadium.

This is the stadium's seventh name change. Regarding other names that were considered, "Dolphin Stadium" was apparently too generic. So there's that.




Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock