WATCH: This Slow-Mo Video of Michael Bisping's Spinning Wheel Kick Shows a Lean, Mean Fighter Who's Ready for Anderson Silva

Watch Michael Bisping prepare for his UFC fight against Anderson Silva.

This Saturday, Michael Bisping will take on Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC Fight Night London.

Although it isn't a title fight, anticipation is high for the battle between "The Count" and "The Spider," due to the animosity that exists between the two MMA fighters. During the pre-fight weigh-in, UFC CEO Dana White had to step between them, as they looked like they were about to start the fight prematurely.

UFC Fight Night Weigh-In

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So it will not surprise anyone to see some fireworks in the cage.

In the video above, watch Bisping prepare for the fight under the guidance of Scot Prohaska (not on camera). Based in Orange County, Prohaska is an elite strength coach who works with MMA fighters as well as NFL and NHL players and many other athletes.

STACK has worked with Prohaska on several projects, and we trust he will have Bisping in the best shape possible to take on the former middleweight champion.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock