Michael Vick Is Training to Play One Last Season in the NFL

Michael Vick isn't ready to hang 'em up quite yet.

For the first time in a very long time, NFL training camps opened without Michael Vick. The 13-year veteran spent the 2015 season on a one-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers as Ben Roethlisberger's backup quarterback, then sat as a free agent while his phone remained silent throughout the off-season. Still without a team as training camps enter their second week, Vick isn't giving up on the game. He isn't quite ready to retire, which is why he spent much of the summer working out for two hours a day, every day, keeping his body ready for when a team finally does punch his digits.

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"I'm trying to be in better shape than I was last year," Vick told the Rich Eisen Show, and several videos he has posted to his Instagram account appear to back up that sentiment.

Vick, whose quick feet, superior arm strength and blazing speed fueled the best years of his NFL career, has spent most of his workouts grooming those skills, from conditioning and game drills wearing a weighted vest to rolling out of the pocket and performing footwork drills through cones and mini-hurdles before launching a pass.

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Vick's arm strength—his left arm can launch a ball 60 yards with a simple flick of the wrist—is still there. Accuracy has always been his biggest issue (he completed 60 percent of his passes or better just once in his career), but he can very much still sling it.

Vick is still without a team, but that could change soon. Kellen Moore recently went down with a broken ankle, so the Dallas Cowboys are currently without a viable option at the backup quarterback position; and Vick had made it known that he'd love to play for American's Team. The Cowboys, at least their team Twitter account, seems to share the interest.

It may be weeks before a team reaches out to Vick to help fortify the backup QB position, but there's no doubt in our minds that the former Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles sensation will be fully ready when the time comes.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock