Mid-Air With BMX Riders

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It's been said that skydiving is
falling with style. But to extreme sport athletes, falling with style involves launching off ramps and performing tricks in mid-air.

We asked some Action Sports Tour BMX athletes what spins through their brains while they're spinning through the air. Here's what they had to say.

Zach Warden, 19: When I'm mid-air in a run, all I can think about is finding my groove. If I can get one big trick out of the way, then the next one follows, and I just try to find that groove. Once I'm in it, I can just keep going.

Ricky Moseley, 18:  Where's the landing [laughs]…and where am I going to land? Am I going to land high? Am I going to land flat? Just pretty much hopefully [that] I'm going to hold on.

Kevin Robinson, 36: Right off the take-off, I know if I'm going to pull it off or not. I know that if this is going right, hang on and try to land it. Or if I know it's not going to go right, I try to stay limp, get the second flip around and just try to slide out. But sometimes it doesn't always work and you end up getting hurt.

Mike Spinner, 20: I'm actually really relaxed. I do these tricks every single day at the warehouse that we train at, and when I watch it on video I'm always like, "Man, I'm going so fast." But when I'm riding, everything is like slow motion. It's crazy.

Pat Casey, 14: You just spot your landing and try to see where you are. If you know you went off wrong, then it gets scary. But other than that, it's fun.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock