Training With Mike Green and Jordan Eberle

STACK goes on location to train with NHL stars Mike Green and Jordan Eberle. Learn how these pros spend their off-season and check back in for training videos.

Mike Green Practice

We're on location with Mike Green, Washington Capitals defenseman, and Jordan Eberle, Edmonton Oilers forward in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Doug Crashley of Crash Conditioning was kind enough to invite us to observe two days of their on-ice practices and strength training workouts.

Day one began with a practice focused on honing on-ice skills and preparing for the upcoming season. Most drills were full-ice and required the athletes to make crisp passes, regroup and go in on goal. The players performed one-on-one corner drills to work on controlling the puck and attacking the net or defending and controlling an opponent. At the end of practice, Green and Eberle took time to demonstrate some of the skills that make them two of the best players in the NHL.  (Check out STACK's library of hockey drills.)

Jordan Eberle Workout

Jordan Eberle

Day two started with a 7 a.m. workout. Crashley put them through an intense dynamic warm-up and mobility session.

Green went on to perform a workout designed to build his power and anaerobic endurance. He performed the famous Bear Mountain, a Keiser cable rotation circuit, and finished with Sled Pushes.

Eberle's workout started with agility drills, then went into an extensive pulling sequence that included Weighted Pull-Ups, RDLs and a Keiser Scap Stabilization circuit. Next, he performed core exercises focused on spinal stabilization and rotation. Eberle finished the day with Sled Pushes that simulated a hockey shift to build endurance.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock