Miles Bridges Has Continued His Dunking Rampage at Michigan State

He's not in high school any more, but he's still dunking.

Miles Bridges, Michigan State's prized freshman, spent most of his high school career throwing down dunks that would've won him any of the NBA Slam Dunk Contests over the past decade. Once, he jumped over his own mother while crushing one home. He's caught alley-oops from the stratosphere. Going for one dunk, he jumped so high that heĀ hit his head on the rim. And if his performance in his college debut is any indication, he's brought his sensational dunking ability with him to the next level.

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Taking on Arizona in the Spartans' season opener, Bridges kicked things off with an up-and-under reverse dunk, a classic throwdown that had ESPN commentator Jay Bilas trembling with excitement.

"Get used to seeing this," Bilas said. "It is going to be a regular occurrence."

Bridges saved his nastiest throwdown for the second half, when he snuck behind the defense left of the rim, caught an alley-oop and threw it down with one hand like he was The Hulk. The sheer force with which Bridges dunked that ball could have shattered the hardwood below.

The Spartans ended up losing the game 65-63, but Bridges was able to drop 21 points in his debut, a team high. May Bridges never stop dunking for as long as lives.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock