Minnesota Vikings Late-Game Stamina

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The reason your coach makes you hold up four fingers and yell "fourth" after the third quarter is to send you a final reminder that the last stanza is when the men separate from the boys.

So his players can man up through the fourth, Minnesota Vikings S+C coach Tom Kanavy uses conditioning drills that enforce proper running mechanics through fatigue, as this plays a significant role in whether they can outlast opponents. "If you compromise proper body position and running mechanics," Kanavy says, "your movement is going to be inefficient and you will become slower. During the course of a game, you aren't going to be thinking about proper running mechanics, so it's important to train in a fatigued state with proper form so it becomes second nature."

Kanavy provides a rundown of proper running mechanics, which are crucial to employ while conditioning.

1. Keep your eyes up and look straight ahead, like you're having a conversation with someone.
2. Keep your elbows bent 90 degrees and close to your body.
3. Swing your arms straight up and back, bringing your hand to neck level.
4. Maintain good knee drive with your foot dorsiflexed.
5. Drive off the ground by extending your hip, knee and ankle through the turf.
6. Maintain a slight forward lean with your body.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock