Keep Your Kicks Fresh With MINT Premium Shoe Care

Check out the latest products in the MINT shoe care collection to keep your sneakers and boots clean, protected, and scuff-free.

MINT Stay Fresh

A new company called MINT knows that nothing is quite as satisfying for athletes and sneakerheads as opening up a brand new pair of kicks. That's why MINT created a line of simple, innovative products designed to help you care for your latest and greatest shoes. MINT protects your sneakers from wear and cleans dirt, stains and scuffs to maintain the fresh feel of new kicks.

Here's a rundown of MINT's products:

Instant Sneaker Cleaner
Cleans and conditions canvas, nylon, and smooth leather to remove dirt, grease and other stuff.

Suede and Nubuck Foaming Cleaner
Dissolves and removes tough stains, salt and other minerals from genuine suede and nubuck surfaces. (Timbs, you're in luck!)

Boot & Shoe Protector
Shields and waterproofs all types of footwear without impacting the natural look, color, and feel of the shoe.

Sport Gel Cleaner
Specially designed to remove the toughest stains from athletic footwear.

Suede & Nubuck Kit
Restores all forms of suede nubuck and fabric with a special sponge.

Force Fields
Protects sneakers from creasing and wearing, specifically in the toe box.

Fresh Twists
Deodorizes shoes, gym bags and lockers with a twisting disc.

Odor Eliminator
Not just for masking odors on a wide range of surfaces, but for eliminating them.

Apparel Protector
Offers complete fabric protection and waterproofing for outerwear, backpacks and more.

Denim De-Bleeder
Conditions denim to reduce dye bleed onto sneakers and other footwear.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock