Sony Announces 'MLB 15: The Show' 10th Anniversary Edition

The special 10th Anniversary edition of 'MLB 15: The Show' will offer a stadium full of bonus content.

Sony plans to release a special edition of MLB 15: The Show to commemorate the franchise's 10-year anniversary.

For $70, gamers will receive the full game, a wood grain steelbook with exclusive cover, 12k in Stubs, 15 bonus item packs, all 30 MLB team dynamic themes (which usually cost $3.99 each), and an official MLB 15 dynamic theme. Further, if you pre-order the title, you will receive a voucher for a free Dualshock 4 skin for the MLB team of your choice via SkinIt, plus an extra six bonus item packs if you pre-order via GameStop or Amazon. In all, you will receive approximately $130 worth of DLC for only $10 more than the regular version, so the deal's a steal.

Last week, the studio also revealed a number of changes and improvements made in the forthcoming title. Most important, those who purchased MLB14: The Show will be able to carry over their Franchise and Road to the Show progress to the new game. Also, if you're playing with the PS4, a new "Inside the Show" radio broadcast will provide updates on recent games, team news, records and standings, and you'll have access to 10 more minor league stadiums.

Both the regular version and the 10th Anniversary edition of MLB 15: The Show will be released on Mar. 31.


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