MLB Looks to Increase Head Protection for Pitchers in 2016

More MLB pitchers will be wearing protective headgear next season as they seek to defend themselves against line drives.

After New York Yankees pitcher Bryan Mitchell was hit in the face by a line drive off the bat of Eduardo Nunez of the Minnesota Twins on Monday, MLB is looking to increase protection for pitchers next season. Mitchell was the fourth pitcher to be hit in the face or head by a batted ball this year. ESPN's Outside The Lines is reporting that MLB will partner with a company called Boombang to create headwear with ear and temple protection on the pitcher's throwing side.

Alex Torres

New York Mets pitcher Alex Torres wears isoBLOX exterior foam padding around his hat during a game this season

The new headwear will reportedly mimic the "single-flap" helmets that some batters are already wearing. Several pitchers have experimented with some form of head protection in this season (see New York Mets pitcher Alex Torres in the photo above), and their ranks are certain to grow in the future as more pitchers seek to protect themselves from what seems to be becoming an epidemic.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock