WATCH: MMA Fighter Accidentally Punches Official Square in the Face

The biggest punch of the night was thrown after the final bell rang.

MMA Fighter Punches Official

During some punch-packed Bellator action last night, Gregory "Blade" Babene landed some solid blows. However, his cleanest shot came after the final bell, when he landed a backfist punch squarely on the face of a member of the Kansas Athletic Commission.

Babene defeated Brandon Farran with a first-round submission. Then, during his post-match celebration, he decked a dude in a suit. The aforementioned dude in a suit seemed to handle the punch extremely well. No signs of wobbling were seen as he continued to walk off camera without breaking stride.

We don't know whether a Babene-Ferran rematch is in the cards, but we'd love to see the official with the iron jaw take on one of those fighters sometime soon.

Watch the impressive punch taken below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock