Monster iSport In-Ear Headphones: Great for Runners—and Even Swimmers!

Alan Danzis reviews the Monster iSport in-ear headphones. Find out if iSport headphones are worth the price.

Monster iSport Headphones
Until recently, headphones were an afterthought to me. What Apple included in the iPhone box worked just fine, and I  scoffed at friends who swore by their expensive headphones. When I reviewed Monster's new iSport in-Ear headphones, my biggest wish was they would just be a bit louder than the iPhone ones. However, I quickly discovered that iSport offers a lot more than that.

Designed in a flexible, semi-circle bud to fit within the curvature of the ear, iSport hooks on comfortably and doesn't fall out. The headphones come with several different connectors for your ear. I like the smaller ones for maximum comfort.

What's unique about iSport headphones? You can take them in the pool. Monster designed them to be worn under swimming or ski goggles. If they fall out while you're underwater, they float. Monster says they are "guaranteed to resist water damage."  I tested the claim by dunking them in a glass of water and found they still worked afterwards.

Another great feature: an in-line control with raised markings for volume and a play/pause button. Also, the wires resist tangling, which is all too common when you shove traditional headphones into a pocket or bag.

Monster uses "a variety of sophisticated audio-enhancing acoustical headphone technologies." Although, I'm no audiophile, I can attest that at the gym I only had to turn up the volume 75 percent when plugged in. In environments with a lot of background noise, the iSport clearly excels.

They are also excellent to run with. On a recent 5K, I never had to worry about the headphones tangling or bouncing up in an annoying fashion. They lay fairly flat and rarely got in my way.

iSport headphones retail for $99.95. Are they worth the price? I would never have imagined paying that much. However, I love these headphones. They go everywhere with me now, along with my iPhone. So if something ever happened to them, would I purchase them again? Shoot, I just might..

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