Montreal Canadiens Star Powers His Shot With Bizarre Tire Drills

Montreal Canadiens Star Alex Galchenyuk uses unconventional tire drills to train during the off-season.

Montreal Canadiens center Alex Galchenyuk is a young upcoming star in the NHL. Drafted third overall in the 2012 NHL Draft, the 22-yar-old, after four years in the league, is finally blossoming into the star he was projected to be.

Galchenyuk finished last season with a career-high 30 goals, 26 assists and 56 points. Since becoming the Canadiens' leader on offense, the young Russian now leads all 2012 draftees in those categories.

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To keep improving his game and become a 40-plus goal scorer next season, Galchenyuk has been working hard this off-season. But he doesn't just perform traditional exercises or workouts in the gym. The 6-foot-1, 205-pound Russian uses old world techniques to get his body ready for the season.

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In the first video, instead of using a weighted sled for Resisted Sprints, he ties several tires together with a rope attached to his waist and runs up a dirt path in the middle of the forest. Unconventional? Yes. Does it develop power and explosiveness to help him blow by defenders on the ice? Absolutely.

In the second video, Galchenyuk perform an exercise that most players probably don't do. He uses tires again, but this time he throws them around. After lifting a tire off the ground, he shuffles around, imitating dodging around a zone on the ice, then chucks the tire across the yard and into a goal, imitating the motion of a slap shot.

This odd drill helps strengthen his core and upper body, which increase his shot power. Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock