The Most American Workout Ever

This July 4th, show your patriotism by performing this ultra-American workout. Your body, and your country, will thank you.

Just because it's a national holiday doesn't mean you aren't working. No sir. This is America, home of the hashtag #NoDaysOff; and you know that in order to keep your body fresh for your sport, you've got to be working every chance you get. Plus, on a day celebrating the birth of our beautiful nation, can you imagine anything our founding fathers would rather have had you do than to get your swoll on in the gym?

Yeah, us neither.

The food, fireworks and merriment will come later in the day. This July 4th, perform this ultra-American workout before the rest of your day gets started. Your body, and your country, will thank you for it.

Tire Flips

Tire Flips

What's more American than a tire flip? The answer is nothing, that's what. If guys stronger than you are out there flipping enormous tires end-over-end, then you should be too. Not only will it jack up your upper body, you'll never look cooler or stronger than when you flex those biceps to flip an enormous rubber circle down the road.

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Farmer's Walk

LeBron James Fermer's Walk

You know what's as American as all get out? Farming. Yeah, that's right. Shucking corn with your bare hands. Tending the fields and becoming one with the earth. That's as American as it gets. Honor our agricultural history by grabbing something heavy and taking it for a walk. If you really want to be authentic, do it with a bale of hay. And don't complain, not even once.

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Sledgehammer Slams

Sledgehammer Slams

Building things. Infrastructure. Roads. Construction. America. Get your sledgehammer out of your garage (if you don't have one, you might as well move to Canada), and pound something into the ground a few times. Make yourself useful. Fix that broken railroad track at the end of your street. Hey, I don't make the rules. America does.

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Wood Chop

Tim Tebow Wood Chop

As you know from Game of Thrones (which is not American but is on HBO, which is decidedly American), winter is coming. So you're going to need wood to light the fires that will keep you warm through America's least favorite season. Get an axe, which, again, should be in your garage, and get chopping. Chopping beats shopping.

Keg Throw

Keg Throw

What will most surprise and impress the family members attending your annual Fourth of July cookout? It's when you pick up that keg in your garage and launch it down the driveway. Yeah, that'll cause a stir. Don't mind the screaming and yelling about how "there's nothing to drink now, why did you do that?" Your impressive feat of strength will overshadow the anger and angst.

Truck Pull

Peyton Hillis Truck Pull

Cinch a rope around your waist and attach the other end to a heavy truck (equipped with a Hemi-powered motor). Then pull the truck any distance in any direction. This is the ultimate American workout move.

American Deadlift

American Deadlift

You know what's cool about a regular Deadlift? Nothing. Nothing at all. OK, that's a lie. The Deadlift has a ton of benefits for athletes. But the American Deadlift is infinitely cooler, and not just because "American" modifies the exercise name. Thrusting your pelvis forward and squeezing your glutes as you come up from the Deadlift not only engages more of your body, it also helps with the dance moves you'll bust out at your family's barbecue later in the day.

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