How Active Are You? Find Out With MOVband

Will the MOVband really help you become a better all-around athlete? Read STACK's review to find out if it's for you.


How much do you move every day, not counting training and competition?  Studies show that even if you're working out at intense levels, you could actually be losing ground in your battle for fitness if you're just lounging around the rest of the day. wants to help you become a better athlete by motivating you and your friends to get moving through the MOVchallenge.

Movable's MOVchallenge is designed to make moving a social, competitive activity. The program works by measuring your (and your team's) daily activity through the MOVband, a fashionable sports wristband that tracks how many moves and miles you make a day. Every night, using the band's USB cord, you can upload your data and earn points for goals you reached during the day.

Although we're not sure how well the tracker actually works (a solid one-mile walk to work only registered as a half mile, while a 60-minute kettlebell workout came in as five miles), the MOVband definitely inspired us to go a step further in routine daily activities, simply because we knew those miles were being counted. (One of our STACK colleague recommended washing your hands vigorously for a few minutes to ramp up the moves. But that's cheating!)

Get your teammates and friends involved and challenge them to see who's more active. The MOVband retails for $30 with several different color choices.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock