View With Your Crew: Big Fan

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Every Tuesday, we'll release STACK's choice for top DVD rental of the week. We want to keep you informed about what's hitting the shelves that can help bring your team closer together. In addition to our weekly DVD recommendation, once a month we'll select our top pick of a new movie release. What better way to bond with your crew than to watch an inspirational film together a night or two before a big game? Kicking off the school year with this new monthly STACK ritual, here's a movie that will affect the minds of every athlete and sports fan.   

August 2009 STACK Pick: Big Fan [First Independent Pictures]

Release Date: August 28

Starring: Patton Oswalt, Kevin Corrigan, Jonathan Hamm

When lifelong Giants fan Paul Aufiero [Patton Oswalt] wakes up on Sunday, there's only one thing on his mind:  the NFL football game. He describes himself as the "world's biggest Giants fan," yet he can't afford a ticket to a game, so he spends his Sundays tailgating while watching the action on a tiny TV.

After Aufiero meets Giants player Quantrell Bishop [Jonathan Hamm] in a nightclub, his life gets turned upside down. His favorite player assaults him and sends him to the ER. Paul must choose between pressing charges or supporting his team by passing the incident off as a misunderstanding. 

STACK's Take: Written and directed by Robert Siegel, the same guy who gave us The Wrestler, the film dives into the life of a sports nut, which basically describes everyone in the STACK office. It's a story about a struggle to survive and a struggle to believe in yourself.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock