Multi-Joint Exercise for Volleyball

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How explosive you are directly affects your efficiency on the volleyball court. The game moves fast and the ball goes in all directions during a match, so if you move like your feet are in quicksand, you won't make the play.

According to Gibbie Duval, strength and conditioning coach at Xplosive Edge [Omaha, Neb.], "everything you do inside the weight room should mimic and transform into everything you do on the court."

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Duval prescribes explosive and multi-joint movements as well as Olympic weight lifting variations to improve power output. "Multiple joint exercises will improve coordination while improving your ability to apply explosive power against the ground," Duval says. "All those things make you faster on the court."

One exercise Duval prescribes for weight room sessions twice a week is the Hang Shrug, a progression of the Hang Clean.

Hang Shrug
· Stand with feet shoulder-width apart in front of weighted bar on floor
· Place hands on bar slightly outside shoulder-width, keeping abs tight and shoulders slightly retracted
· Raise bar using deadlift technique and rest it comfortably against thighs
· Lower bar quickly to just above knee level by pushing glutes back; then jump, fully extending hips, knees and ankles
· Forcefully shrug shoulders, keeping chest up
Sets / Reps / Rest Time: 3 / 5 / 2-3 minutes
Variation: Begin exercise with bar on rack, two to three inches above knees
Gib's Tips: Elevate the bar as high as possible without bending your elbows // Keep the bar close to your body and maintain a neutral position with your head throughout the movement // Accelerate from the start position into triple extension as quickly as possible // Use your legs when picking up the bar

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock