Music in Sports Roundup: Cleveland Cavaliers Throw A 'Cavs Train' 1970's Dance Party

Don't miss what went down last week in the intersection of music and sports.

Cavs Train 70s Dance Party

Each week, STACK brings you the latest news blending the worlds of music and sports. Scroll down to check out Iman Shumpert's new music video, Cris Carter referring to the Dab dance as "Bapping," and Holly Holm's recollection of asking Jay-Z his wife's name.

Nick Young / 'Nsync

Iman Shumpert

L.A. Clippers, Derek Jeter / Jay-Z

Cam Newton Dab Dance

Charles James III


Holly Holm / Jay-Z & Beyonce (1:18)

Cleveland Cavaliers / 'Soul Train'

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