Nate Robinson Is Now a Wide Receiver and Is Working Out With Odell Beckham Jr.'s Trainer

Former NBA player Nate Robinson has switched to offense in his journey to the NFL.

Former NBA player Nate Robinson is trying to do something nobody has done—play in both the NBA and the NFL. Earlier this off-season, he had a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks as a defensive back. That didn't quite work out, but Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told Robinson that his goal would be more realistic if he played on the offensive side of the ball. So Robinson is making the switch to wide receiver.

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Robinson played defensive back at the University of Washington, but the move to offense shouldn't be a problem for him. The three-time NBA dunk champion and athletic freak has hired well-known NFL wide receiver trainer Dwayne Frampton, who is known for working with N.Y. Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson.

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Robinson's size (5-9, 180 pounds) should be less problematic on the offensive side of the ball. NFL fans have seen a number of undersized receivers dominate on the football field—Steve Smith and Wes Welker come to mind. Plus, given his crazy leaping ability, Robinson should have no problem getting up to secure jump balls.

If you doubt Robinson still has hops at 32 years old, here he is recently dunking a tennis ball on a 12-foot hoop.

Robinson has other strengths beside his vertical leap. "He's very explosive. His hands are great. He's very strong—strong for his height and his weight," Frampton told ESPN. Frampton is working with Robinson keeping his pad level low, working his feet and polishing his route running.

It all seems to be working out well. In the videos below, check out Robinson showing off his strong hands and quick feet.

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