Gut-Check Navy SEAL Workout

STACK Expert Scott Abramouski prescribes a two-person Navy SEAL workout that will push you to the limit.

A Navy SEAL workout requires endurance and dedication. Your typical strength and conditioning routine will not cut it. The SEALs push past failure and are tested to their full capabilities to be considered the best of the best.

Workout intensity must be high, and accountability is the name of the game. It is easy to work out alone, chalk it up as a bad day and leave. But in a SEAL workout, you have a teammate, and you're both pushing each other and growing stronger. Camaraderie is high when you're dripping sweat, gasping for air and refusing to quit.

Here are three "Gut-Check" workouts you can do with a partner to push the limits.

SEAL Limits Test

This high-intensity metabolic Navy SEAL workout is all about giving it your all while staying calm and collected. Navy SEALs must always be under control even when the situation is chaotic.

Set a timer for 90 seconds. You must burn 10 calories on the Airdyne bike and complete 10 Push-Ups and 10 20-pound Ball Slams. If there's time left in the round, rest and prepare for another round. You and your partner must continuously perform this cycle until you fail to complete all three tasks in 90 seconds.

"Controlled Panic"

When your breathing becomes restricted and you need to perform at a high level, you must be able to stay in control.

For this workout, you can use a Concept 2 Rower, treadmill or Airdyne bike. One partner rows 300 meters, runs 300 meters or bikes 30 calories while the other holds an Elbow-Supported Front Plank.

After a metabolic sprint on the chosen equipment, the Plank will be difficult, because you are trying to contract your stomach to support yourself and catch your breath at the same time. There is no rest until each of you completes three full rounds.

Sprint to Freedom

This partner workout combines an explosive strength movement like Kettlebell Swings with a high-intensity sprint. One partner performs 15 Kettlebell Swings, then immediately drops the kettlebell and sprints 100 meters. The other partner performs Kettlebell Swings when the first partner reaches the finish line. Complete five rounds, timing your sprints to stay consistent.

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