Gamer Update: "NBA 2K13" Patch, "Madden 13" Update and More

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NBA 2K13 Gets a Patch

This update from 2K Sports includes lots of changes and tweaks to NBA 2K13, in particular to MyCareer mode and general gameplay. Teams should be able to run plays without a problem in MyCareer, and issues like teams assigning improper roles to free agents should get fixed. The folks over at Operation Sports who have tested the patch are noticing big changes in the success rate of three pointers and jump shots, so watch out for that. You'll be able to download the patch and run it in existing game modes, so no need to start over. Here's the full list of updates.

Madden 13 Update Focuses on Ultimate Team

Surprisingly, EA Sports has put out a ton of post-release content for Madden this year, including new game modes. The latest update includes improvements to Ultimate Team mode. You'll now be able to save five different lineups, play games with two-minute quarters, and manage your team boosts. The increased post-release support is an encouraging sign that EA Sports may begin providing more deep updates going forward. Here's a full list of Madden 13 updates from

MLB 13 Gets a Cover Vote, New Playoff Mode

Following the precedent set by EA Sports in allowing gamers to choose the Madden cover athlete, fans of MLB can now vote on the athlete who will grace the cover of MLB 13. In addition, MLB 13 will have a new playoff mode, meant to make the post-season feel like the post-season. If SCEA can capture the experience of baseball in October, MLB 13 should be the best game in franchise history.

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