First "NBA 2K13" Screenshots, Gameplay Details Revealed

Get your first look at "NBA 2K13" screenshots and learn new information about updates to the entry's gameplay.

NBA 2K13 Screenshot

Basketball gamers may be getting itchy for NBA 2K13 news. So far, 2K sports had announced Jay-Z as the game's executive producer, but there hadn't been much about gameplay tweaks or screenshots from the latest edition of the most-played basketball game on the planet.

Now 2K Sports has released images of Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, as well as the first gameplay info for this year's title. In a big change for the franchise, the right analog stick, traditionally reserved as the Shot Stick, will now control dribbling. Some think  the control scheme for the 2K basketball series has been complicated, so maybe this will help those gamers out a little.

Check out the developer diary below to learn more about how dribbling and on-ball defense has changed, and scroll down for more of the first photos from NBA 2K13.

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NBA 2K13 Derrick Rose Screenshot

NBA 2K13 Kevin Durant Screenshot


Photo and Source: 2K Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock