adidas Unveils 2013 NBA All-Star Uniforms

adidas, the official NBA uniform provider, unveils its 2013 NBA All-Star East & West uniforms.

NBA All-Star Jerseys

adidas has just revealed the new aerospace-inspired jerseys for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game. This year's All-Star Game takes place in Houston, and adidas borrows from the city's long aeronautics history for the West (red) and East (royal blue) uniforms.

The uniforms' eye-catching impact camo pattern evokes the world's fastest fleet of aircraft with the classic silhouette of a basketball net. They also feature the adidas three-stripe design flanking the sides of both the jersey and shorts. The lettering and numbers are inspired by the stenciled style on jet planes. Watch out for the new uniforms during the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 17.

adidas NBA All-Star Jersey


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock