EA Sports Revives "NBA Live" Franchise

EA Sports is reviving the fallen "NBA Live" franchise with "NBA Live 13" this fall. Will the game be able to compete with "NBA 2K13"?

EA Sports recently released a trailer for NBA Live 13, the latest installment in its up-and-down NBA Live franchise. In the wake of the trailer release, many gamers are wondering whether NBA Live 13 can live up to its most valiant competitor, NBA 2K13.

After all, NBA 2K13 has made tremendous upgrades (check them out here: The 4 Biggest Upgrades to NBA 2K13), including advanced dribbling controls, image quality, soundtrack jams, and more basketball legends. But from the look of the NBA Live 13 trailer (and the description on the website), gamers have good reason to hope.

NBA Live 13 features Basketball IQ, advanced gameplay technology that allows teammates to react and respond to individual game sequences and gives gamers a sense of easy control and the opportunity to experience authentic game time strategy. In addition to great imagery and a stacked soundtrack, the game also features teams that participated in the 2012 NBA Finals. Thus, NBA Live 13 has the potential to impress the gaming community, which is necessary given the franchise's tumultuous history.

The NBA Live franchise started off strong in 2000, reached its peak with the 2005 edition (which gave gamers more control), but lost much of its fan base with its 2007 release, which was so similar to the 2006 version that gamers felt cheated. In 2010, EA Sports hit another roadblock, due to the success of NBA 2K. In an attempt to revive the franchise, EA decided to rename it NBA Elite 11; but because of delays in the game's development, they had to cancel production. Let's hope NBA Live 13 will breathe life into the deflated franchise.

EA Sports announced on their website that they are delaying the game's release until sometime after Oct. 2012.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock