NBA Stars on Attitude and Leadership

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You can practice all day long and train until you can't lift another pound, but if you don't have a positive attitude, your hard work won't pay off. As cliché [and maybe corny] as it sounds, there is truth to the idiom, "To achieve is to believe."

On top of that, nobody likes a poor sport, especially when he's in a position of leadership. Besides the fact that bad dispositions are annoying and uninspiring, attitude reflects leadership— so those to whom you're a leader will be unhappy, unmotivated and unwilling to be their best for a captain who doesn't give his best.

For Indiana Pacers forward-guard Danny Granger, his quest to join the NBA came up against many obstacles. He had to deal with transferring from different colleges and playing on underrated teams—before becoming the NBA's Most Improved Player for the 2008-2009 season. His positive outlook was based on wanting to achieve greatness.

"I had a desire to excel at whatever it was I was doing," Granger says. "Whether it was in the classroom or on the court, I wanted to do well. Fortunately, I have had a great career and [I hope it] continues. It doesn't always have to be in the NBA. You can excel in anything; it just depends on how far you want to go."

As far as on-court attitude after a loss, Chris Paul has a great perspective. While the New Orleans guard hates losing, he thinks about others in his life before reacting poorly to a tough loss. "It's just my competitive nature [to hate losing]," Paul says. "But I know that when I'm out on the court, I'm not only representing myself, I'm representing my family and all of my friends and those who are close to me."

Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade harps on the importance of dealing well with winning and losing; and in order to push themselves to the next level, athletes need to experience both. "Life is about ups and down," Wade says. "It's not always going to be great. You got to take the good with the bad; and with something bad, you just got to come back and be better the next time. You're not always going to be perfect; things are not always going to be great—[but] you don't want it that way. You want things to make you work harder; you need to know how it feels to lose to know how great it feels to win."

So next time the chips are down or you're riding the bench, just think: WWAZDGCP3DWD [What Would Agent Zero, Danny G, CP3 and D-Wade Do?].
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