NBA TV's "The Dream Team" Premiers June 13

Tune into NBA TV at 9 p.m. June 13 to watch Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and other all-time greats relive the Dream Team phenomenon.

In its June 13 premiere of The Dream Team, NBA TV will present a special documentary on what was arguably the best basketball team ever assembled. In 1992, USA Basketball put a roster together featuring NBA legends Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls, Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, Charles Barkley of the Philadelphia 76ers, Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers, John Stockton and Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz, Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks, Chris Mullin of the Golden State Warriors, David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs and Clyde Drexler of the Portland Trail Blazers. Christian Laettner of Duke University was the only collegiate player on the squad. It was the first time the U. S. Olympic team consisted primarily of NBA All-Stars.

The Dream Team went on to win the gold medal in Barcelona, beating its eight opponents by an average of 44 points. Tune into NBA TV next Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT to view new footage of some of the NBA's all-time greats reliving their Dream Team experience.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock