NC State Player Attempts Celebratory Chest Bump, Fails Miserably

That looked bad, very bad.

North Carolina State is hanging with no. 3 Clemson today in South Carolina, thanks in part to a huge goal line stand in the second quarter when the Wolfpack defense kept Clemson, who began at the 5-yard line, out of the end zone on four straight plays. That's cause for a major celebration, though linebacker Fred Howell might want to work on some things before he makes another big play.

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After the big stop, Howell went up for a chest bump with a teammate on the sideline, but instead of executing it and looking super cool, Howell apparently wasn't ready for impact and was knocked to the ground. As if that weren't embarrassing enough, when he attempted to get back to his feet and play it off, he almost stumbled back down into the grass.

The goal line stop? 10/10. Howell's celebration? We're going to give it a 2. Better luck next time, man.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock