5 Key Upgrades in "NCAA Football 13"

On the fence about buying NCAA 13? STACK makes the decision easier by reviewing the five biggest upgrades to the game.


NCAA Football 13 is out now for Xbox 360 and PS3. It's the first sports game of the 2013 cycle, which means favorites like Madden are just around the corner. If you're on the fence about whether to pick up the latest edition of NCAA Football 13, here's a look at five of the biggest upgrades to this year's title.

Gameplay Tweaks That Matter

The passing game now showcases three- , five- and seven-step drops, and there are new pass trajectories on each ball—meaning no more moon balls when you run a nine route. Improved defensive AI means that defenders need to see the ball to make a play on it, so psychic DBs may finally be going away for good. These under-the-hood tweaks should go a long way toward making gameplay feel more realistic.

Studio Updates from Rece Davis

Using the same graphics package as ESPN's college football coverage, ESPN anchor Rece Davis provides updates throughout games played in your Dynasty mode. This little touch goes a long way toward making games feel more real, since you see the same visuals as you would on TV during a college football Saturday. You also get real-time updates as games progress in your Dynasty mode game, so if you play early in the afternoon, you'll get updates from other early afternoon games.

Heisman Mode

Take some of the best college football players of all time—like Eddie George, Barry Sanders and Archie Griffin—and play through their Heisman-winning seasons to see if you can duplicate their record-breaking performances. In you have a strong stomach, stick them on their rival's roster. For example, Tim Tebow can suit up for the Seminoles if you're interested in that kind of thing.

Dynamic Conference Prestige

If you're a gamer who plays NCAA for Dynasty mode, you'll be happy to see dynamic conference prestige has become a reality in NCAA 13. This means that if you play in a conference with a small school that keeps winning big games, teams in the conference will slowly but surely become more attractive destination for recruits. For those who play multiple seasons in Dynasty mode, this is a huge deal.

Recruiting Gets Redone

Although EA didn't completely overhaul recruiting, they made meaningful changes, like allowing gamers to scout incoming players to reveal certain rankings. You'll find overlooked gems and busts, just like real college football coaches. Hunting for top players should be much more rewarding.

NCAA 13 is available now on Xbox 360 and PS3 for $60. Learn more about the game from EA Sports.

Photo and Source: EA Sports

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