Get New, Free College Football Uniforms for "NCAA 13"

New college football uniforms for schools like Notre Dame and Oregon are now unlocked in "NCAA 13." Find out how to get them.

Oregon 2012

A ton of new college football uniforms were unveiled during the off-season, and some of them were not available in NCAA 13 when the game came out this summer. Texas A&MNotre DameOregon and many other programs will have new looks for one or more games in 2012, and EA Sports has said that the new uniforms will be available in NCAA 13 once the season starts.

So far, the company has made good on its word. Twenty-three teams have new uniforms available for free download from the game's uniform store; and other uniforms will be released throughout the season for a small fee. Programs like Arkansas, Missouri and Rutgers will be updated at no cost to gamers, along with those listed above. There will be a $1 fee to download the uniforms that Michigan and Notre Dame wore in Week One.

The store is currently open for Xbox 360 users and will welcome PS3 users on Sept. 18.

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