NCAA Bans Satellite Football Camps Effective Immediately, SEC and ACC Benefit

The NCAA will not allow Division I football programs to hold football camps outside their school's region.

NCAA Bans Satellite Football Camps Effective Immediately, SEC and ACC Benefit

In a 10-5 ruling on Friday, the NCAA banned satellite football camps, requiring FBS programs to run clinics at school facilities or facilities regularly used for practice or competition. The Division I Council's ruling prohibits schools such as Michigan and other Big Ten programs from practicing in the South and other areas that have many high-level recruits.

The Power 5 conferences—the Big Ten, Pac-12, Big 12, Southeastern Conference and Atlantic Coast Conference—voted 4-1, with only the Big Ten voting for satellite camps. The Group of 5 conferences—the Sun Belt, Mid-American Conference, Mountain West, Conference USA and American Athletic Conference—voted 3-2, with the Sun Belt and Mountain West voting against the satellite camps. For the Power 5 conferences, each vote counted as two votes. Each vote of the Group of 5 conferences counted as one vote. The maximum number of votes was 15.

This ruling will likely impact the Big Ten the most, since programs like Michigan could have gained a recruiting advantage in southern states that spawn many elite recruits. But the ruling should level the playing field of college football recruiting.

The SEC and ACC banned coaches from conducting camps in places outside a 50-mile radius from their respective schools.

The NCAA's Division I Football Oversight Committee formed a subcommittee last year to review satellite camps. Now that satellite camps have been banned, the ruling could ensure greater equality in college football recruiting among all schools.

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