NCAA rules for official visits

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Sports equipment, clothes, money. Sounds like Christmas, right? But, the consequences for accepting gifts are anything but merry. The NCAA strictly prohibits accepting specific incentives during an official campus visit, and violating the rules will no doubt affect your athletic eligibility. Below are some NCAA R&R's for official visits.


You can start making official visits after your first day of classes as a senior. You are allotted five expense-paid trips to D-I and D-II schools, but no more than one to a single school, regardless of the number of sports you play. Visits cannot exceed 48 hours.


Schools are permitted to fly you to and from campus using commercial airlines at coach fares.

You cannot take advantage of bonuses, refunds, rebates, upgrades or other benefits connected with the purchase of airline tickets.

If you drive to a school, you can be reimbursed for gas mileage.


Local commercial facilities (comparable to normal student life) may be used within a 30-mile radius of campus.

Lodging cannot include special amenities that are not available to all guest (e.g. suites or Jacuzzis).


Colleges may provide entertainment on campus (comparable to typical student life) or within 30 miles of campus. This can include up to three complimentary tickets to a home athletic event.

D-II and D-III schools may offer complimentary admission to postseason conference tournaments, but only if the school is participating in the event and the tournament is held on campus.

You are prohibited from accepting complimentary admission to NCAA national championships or other postseason contests (e.g. bowl games.).

Important notes

You may not accept tangible items such as merchandise, personalized jerseys or other clothing, equipment or cash.

If you accept any benefit valued at $100 or less, you will be ineligible until you contribute the value you received to a charity of your choice.

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