Netflix Max Turns Finding Something to Watch Into a Game Show

Not sure what to watch on Netflix? The new Max for PS3 owners turns picking out movies and TV shows into a fun gameshow.

Max is a new tool from Netflix for those who access the service from their PS3. If you've ever browsed Netflix trying to find something to watch, you know how hard it can be to settle on a choice that matches your mood. Max makes finding new movies and television shows easy and fun, using a game show format to pick something for you.

According to Netflix's press release, Max will make suggestions in one of three ways. It can help you pick out something by asking a few questions about your mood, then having you rate a few titles in what it calls the "Ratings Game."

Once Max knows a little bit about you, it might pick out two movies that are complete opposites and ask you to choose between them. For example, if you've watched romantic comedies and movies about aliens, Max might ask the question, "Love or Space?" then provide a movie selection based on your choice. Max also has an independent streak, and it may offer you a "surprise" choice without asking a question.

For now, Max is only available to Netflix subscribers in the United States who own a PS3, but they plan to roll out the program to other devices if it gets a good reaction.

Check out the video from Netflix below to see how the service works.

Photo: Netflix

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock