Lace Up the New Balance Minimus 1010 Trail for a Barefoot Running Experience

New Balance developed the NB Minimus 1010 Trail shoe—for runners transitioning from a traditional trail running shoe to a minimal shoe.

Minimus 1010

As the barefoot running phenomenon continues to gain momentum, running shoe companies are faced with a simple choice: adapt or die. Adapting to the minimalist, or near-barefoot, running experience—which has transcended trend longevity and entered the mainstream—is no easy feat; however New Balance's Minimus collection has done it with style.

NB's Minimus collection offers runners a line of footwear across the spectrum of barefoot options. To further expand the collection, New Balance developed the Minimus 1010 Trail shoe for runners transitioning from a traditional trail running shoe to a minimalist shoe. The Minimus 1010 Trail's 4mm drop from heel to toe provides runners with a truer barefoot running experience by promoting a neutral stance without sacrificing the two luxuries of a traditional running shoe: support and comfort.

Minimus 1010 Side

The supportive upper is created from a quick-drying monomesh that is both lightweight and breathable for dynamic all-weather trail running. Another feature, partly responsible for the shoe's 7.5-ounce weight, is the REVlite foam midsole, which provides a layer of cushioning between the athlete's foot and the ground. Finally, the star of the show—or shoe, as the case may be—is the durable outsole formed from strategically placed pods. No matter how steep or deep the terrain, the gripping power of the Minimus 1010 Trail will give you the confidence you need to maneuver the trails with speed.

Minimus 1010 Sole

For an intense trail running session, slip off your socks and slip into a pair of Minimus 1010 Trail shoes . Once you become a barefoot believer, add a pair of New Balance trainers to your collection.

If you are interested in the shoe, but are a barefoot running novice, check out STACK's Beginner's Guide to Minimalist Shoes. The NB Minimus 1010 Trail retails for $110, and can be purchased online at New Balance.

Minimus 1010 Back

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock