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More than a year and a half after the iPad took the digital world by storm, Facebook has finally announced a dedicated iPad app. With many new features , which make it easier than ever to stay connected both at home and away, this free app will be judged "worth the wait" by athletes on the go.

The Facebook interface has been overhauled to take advantage of the iPad's large touch screen. It strikes a fine balance between the original packed Facebook site and the trimmed down site for mobile devices. Among the most noticeable differences for the iPad touch screen are the app's large buttons.

The new app also takes advantage of iPad functionality to do things that are impossible on For example, users can now take photos or high-definition video from within the app, then tag the images and automatically post them to a news feed. The app's video and photo features make it ideal for athletes who want to feel close to home on the road or to show a cool move to their Facebook friends—or to the world.

Want to check out a friend's photos of your last game? Facebook for iPad is great for photo viewing. Inside the app, images are organized into sleek stacked photos layouts. Once inside a photo album, you can to swipe through multiple images and blow them up to fill the iPad's full screen. Want to share your exploits with an entire room? Send them wirelessly to an enabled TV with AirPlay.

Athletes who enjoy video games to pass the time on road trips will find the Facebook app's integrated gaming feature extremely cool. The game center allows for full-screen gaming as well as easy integration for social games like "Words with Friends."

Download the free Facebook app from the App Store before your next road trip. You'll appreciate how easy it is to stay connected and to entertain yourself and your friends.

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