New Video May Prove Texas Tech Wideout Jakeem Grant Legitimately Ran a 4.12 40-Yard Dash

Watch this slow-mo video analysis that proves Jakeem Grant actually ran a 4.12 40 at his Pro Day.

Jakeem Grant Supersonic 40-Yard Dash

When news broke that Texas Tech wide receiver Jakeem Grant ran a 4.12 40-Yard Dash at his Pro Day last week, many people scoffed, and understandably so. If Grant did indeed post that absurdly fast time, it would have destroyed Chris Johnson's Combine record of 4.24 and put Grant on a level of quickness never before seen—at least not since Bo Jackson supposedly ran the same exact time in 1986. Plus, Grant's 40 at his Pro Day was hand-timed, a far less accurate method than the laser timers used at the NFL Combine.

Still, this video from YouTube user booyacash has us wondering. It takes footage of Grant's 40, which was recorded by Texas Tech's Twitter account, and overlays a stopwatch timer on it. The timer starts 0.01 seconds before Grant first moves his hand and stops in the instant any part of Grant's body passes the final cone.

Again, this is hand-timed, but it's a slow motion version of Grant's run, and the timing caught our attention. It certainly looks like the clock is stopped the very moment Grant crosses the finish line, and the clock clearly reads 4.12. Even if this thing is off by a millisecond or two, there's no denying that Grant definitely ran one of the fastest 40s we've ever seen.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock