The Top 9 Reasons New Year's Resolutions Fail (And How to Beat Them)

Is your New Year's resolution doomed to fail? Learn how to stay on track with New Year's resolution advice from some of the fitness industry's top minds.

Fail #4: Suffering From 'Lone Wolf' Syndrome

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Fail #4: Suffering From \'Lone Wolf\' Syndrome

Poet John Donne wrote that "no man is an island," and when it comes to getting in shape, you're a lot better off on the mainland. Your family and friends are a support system, one that can help boost your fitness motivation when your workouts hit a rough patch. Which is why strength coach Jim Smith of Diesel Strength & Conditioning recommends making your goals public. He says, "By engaging a support system, you can immediately be more dialed-in to your goals and be held accountable."

Overcome It: Smith says that your fit commitment can be as simple as forming an e-mail support group or creating a page on Facebook. Be upfront about your goals, what you're doing to pursue them, and what kind of challenges you're running into along the way. "You'll be surprised by how many of your friends share the same struggles," Smith says.

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