The Top 9 Reasons New Year's Resolutions Fail (And How to Beat Them)

Is your New Year's resolution doomed to fail? Learn how to stay on track with New Year's resolution advice from some of the fitness industry's top minds.

Fail #8: Being Too Hard on Yourself

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Fail #8: Being Too Hard on Yourself

If you're trying to make a life change, you'll discover one inevitable truth: there will be days when you want to give up. You'll probably miss a workout at some point. There will come a dinner where you have one taco too many (or several). So don't expect perfection.

Overcome It: When a down day strikes, acknowledge that it happened, but then move on. "Everyone makes mistakes," Smith says. "The trick is to get right back on track and keep moving forward. Our greatest successes happen when we overcome adversity."

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