The Top 9 Reasons New Year's Resolutions Fail (And How to Beat Them)

Is your New Year's resolution doomed to fail? Learn how to stay on track with New Year's resolution advice from some of the fitness industry's top minds.

Fail #9: Stopping at the Finish Line

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Fail #9: Stopping at the Finish Line

Congratulations! You've sworn off sugary snacks, dropped 10 pounds and added some plates to your Bench Press max. You've achieved your New Year's resolutions. You're now free to go back to normal life, right? Wrong. "The biggest problem most people have is not meeting the goal, it's maintaining the results," says BJ Gaddour, strength trainer and founder of StreamFIT. "You keep it going for a couple of months, but then you get unmotivated or sidetracked and fall off the wagon."

Overcome It: According to Gaddour, when it comes to weight loss, the body's metabolism needs at least four to six months at a new weight to have a fighting chance of keeping it. Keep in mind that your goal is not to reach a new weight one day, but to stay leaner for life. Once you've reached your target weight, Gaddour recommends setting a new goal or performance standard that you want to hit, like doing more Push-Ups or running a mile 10 seconds faster.

Co-authored by STACK Executive Editor Brian Sabin.


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